Greenhouse Volunteers

Greenhouse Volunteer


Greenhouse Volunteers: assist Greenhouse staff with tasks such as potting and repotting of plants; plant propagation; care and maintenance of annuals, perennials, orchids, tropicals, and interior plant material.

Interiors Volunteers: assist the Interiors staff with plant maintenance and installations within the museum spaces; assist with holiday display fabrication and installation.

Living Plant Collection Volunteers: assist the Orchid staff by photographing orchids; assist with orchid collection management and record keeping. Volunteers also engrave display labels.


A good attitude; be flexible and dependable; have the ability to work independently and with great attention to detail; possess a willingness to work in hot greenhouse conditions; stand several hours at a time; be able to bend and stoop; knowledge of basic plant care and use of hand tools is also necessary; ability to lift 25 pounds or more.


Smithsonian Gardens is currently recruiting Orchid Collection Volunteers. Click here for more information about the position and to apply. Please contact the Smithsonian Gardens Volunteer Coordinator at for information on the next recruitment period for greenhouse volunteer opportunities.

Already a Volunteer?

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“Working as a Smithsonian Garden Interpreter is very rewarding in that it not only offers opportunity to learn about garden design, what plants to select for best results, arts in the garden, but also it offers an unique opportunity to interact with visitors from all over the US and around the world.”

– Heidi, Garden Interpreter Volunteer

“I have enjoyed my experience at the greenhouse and I enjoy the people I work with. I love getting my hands on the plants that will later be seen by the public in the gardens and museums.”

– Laurel, Greenhouse Volunteer