Landscape Architecture Internship

Available in summer, fall, and winter

The Smithsonian Gardens (SG) designs, manages, and maintains the gardens and grounds of the many Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C., which attract over twenty million visitors each year. SG also develops horticulture displays and exhibitions for exterior and interior museum spaces.

Architecture DrawingInterns working in this position will assist the Landscape Architect with various projects that develop out of current design needs or multi-year projects. Intern projects typically involve the development of designs, presentations, and/or planning reports. All assignments require effective project management skills.

Interns will generate plans and update existing planting and irrigation plans to reflect current conditions. They may help in the design of interior exhibits such as the Smithsonian’s biennial Orchid Exhibit. Interns will be exposed to design and construction meetings with architects, engineers, approving agencies, and other parties. Experience in CAD is required.


If you have questions regarding the internship application process, please contact the Intern Coordinator at (202) 633-5840 or e-mail at