Want to stroll through a tropical rainforest on a cold winter’s day? Drink in a fragrant orchid? The 2013 orchid exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, Orchids of Latin America, will explore the rich crossroads where orchid botany, horticulture, and Latin American cultures meet. Featuring orchids from the Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Collection and the United States Botanic Garden Orchid Collection, the exhibit looks at the importance of orchids in Latin American folklore and cultural traditions, explores how that region is a hotbed for scientific research on orchid biology and evolution, and highlights conservation efforts to preserve orchids and their habitats for future generations.

Important Questions about Orchid Conservation from the Exhibition

What’s your greatest orchid discovery?
Tom Mirenda, Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Specialist

What about orchids captivates you?
Lou Jost, Botanist, Orchid Hunter

Why is orchid conservation important?
Lorena Endara, Research Assistant, FLAS Project