Lesson Information

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 

  • Monitor animal behavior
  • Explain the benefits of a green roof and connect these benefits to larger structures
  • Students will be able to create and tell about that art that communicates a story about a familiar place or new object.

National Core Art Standards 

  • HS Proficient VA:Cr2.3.la Collaboratively Develop a Proposal 

What you’ll need: 

Teacher Preparation:

  • Assemble construction materials.
  • Print assembly instructions for students.
  • Be sure students are aware of all necessary safety precautions before building the nest box.


  • Aesthetic: having a sense of the beautiful
  • Brood: a number of young produced or hatched at one time
  • Circulation: the act of moving in a circle or circuit, or flowing
  • Green roof: a roof covered with vegetation; designed for its aesthetic value and to optimize energy conservation
  • Marauders: those who raid for plunder
  • Roofing Paper: a heavy paper infused with tar used to waterproof a roof

Pre-Activity Discussion 

  • What is a green roof?
  • Why should we provide habitats for bluebirds?

Activity Procedure 

  • Arrange students into groups and provide them with assembly instructions.
  • Review safety precautions.
  • Assist students with nest box construction.
  • Once nest boxes are complete, place in the pollinator/butterfly habitat garden (if applicable) or in an open green space near the classroom.
  • Have student groups observe and monitor the inhabitants of the nest box.
  • Students should also care for plants in the green roof and clean out the old nests between nesting broods.

Post-Activity Discussion 

  • Have any bluebirds nested in your nest box? Have any other birds attempted to inhabit the nest?
  • How many broods have you observed nesting this season?