Blank Garden – Atlanta, GA. 1995.
Blank Garden – Atlanta, GA. 1995.

Many people enjoy gardens and the outdoors for relaxation. At this garden, an outdoor “room” was created that blends into the nearby woods and provides visitors with a location for peaceful contemplation amidst nature.

  1. This garden is described above as an outdoor “room.” Why do you think someone chose to describe it this way? What are the similarities between an outdoor room and an indoor room? What are the dissimilarities?
  2. Where do you go to relax? What makes it relaxing?
  3. Can you find the fish in the pond? What other creatures might like this pond? Why would you put a pond in a garden?
  4. What would you do in this garden? Imagine you are there. Describe what it would be like. What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?
Siler Garden – Paradise Valley, AZ. 1996.
Siler Garden – Paradise Valley, AZ. 1996.

Some people find the sound of flowing water to be soothing and relaxing. For this reason, many gardens have fountains in them.

  1. What are some other reasons a garden might have a fountain?
  2. What other types of water features may be located in gardens?
  3. In what type of climate is this garden located? What in this photograph leads you to believe this?
  4. Do some research: what parts of the United States have abundant water supplies?  Where in the United States is water supply a concern?