Through research, planning, design, and construction, the Biohabitats team seeks to inspire ecological stewardship, restore ecosystems, conserve habitat, and support natural regeneration in the landscapes that surround us. A senior landscape ecological planner and designer, Ms. Dowdell will provide insights into the foundations of landscape ecology and ecosystem services as drivers of design in the public and private realm. She will share a selection of projects at a variety of scales where a deep understanding of ecology has been woven seamlessly into the planning and design process.


Jennifer Dowdell, ASLA, serves as project manager and senior landscape ecological planner/designer at Biohabitats Inc., based in the Chesapeake Bay bioregional office in Baltimore, MD. For over 15 years she has applied principles of ecology, landscape architecture, conservation planning, and living infrastructure to projects ranging from greenways to state parks, college campuses, and citywide ecological networks. Her work merges landscape ecology, resilience strategies, and environmental justice in site design and planning.