Purple conflower with monarch butterfly

Speaker: Yamina Pressler, PhD, Soil scientist and educator at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 

Soils are everywhere, and because of that, they often fade into the background. Yet, soils are a beautiful natural wonder that serve as habitat for some of the most biodiverse communities on Earth and provide fundamental ecosystem services to humanity. In this talk, I will discuss the diversity, complexity, and heterogeneity of soils across landscapes. Together, we will explore how each soil is unique, and I will describe how soil scientists study how soils form, function, and change over time. I will also show you where you can explore the beauty and wonder of soils in your own life, what to look for when you find them, and how to use art to capture soil memories. 

Yamina is an If/Then Ambassador, a group of talented women STEM professionals who served as high-profile role models.  Smithsonian Gardens is pleased to welcome Yamina as a speaker in celebration of Women’s Futures Month (link https://www.si.edu/womensfutures) which includes the installation of #IfThenSheCan – The Exhibit. Yamina is one of 120 life-size 3D-printed statues of diverse coalition of contemporary STEM women that will be on display in Smithsonian Gardens and other Smithsonian sites throughout the month of March.