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October 21 -Ask Us Your Garden Questions!

Speaker: Smithsonian Gardens’ Horticulturists – Sarah Dickert, Janet Draper, Christine Price-Abelow, Sarah Tietbohl, Erin Clark, and more

Do you have a gardening question you’d love to ask a horticulturist? Now is your chance! Join us for an hour of lively discussion on garden topics chosen by you. A panel of Smithsonian Gardens’ horticulturists will answer questions from the chat box, supply suggestions, and offer tips based on their knowledge and experience. Come prepared with questions that touch upon broad gardening topics so that the widest audience and range of gardening levels–from beginner to advanced–come away with practical gardening advice!

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Frederique Lavoipierre

October 28 – Garden Allies: An Introduction to Life in the Landscape

Speaker: Frédérique Lavoipierre 

Frédérique Lavoipierre introduces program participants to the many phenomenal organisms that create a thriving, balanced community in a garden. Her PowerPoint presentation is brought to life with macro photography of insects, habitat in gardens, and illustrations from her book – Garden Allies: The Insects, Birds & Other Animals That Keep Your Garden Beautiful and Thriving. Following a brief introduction to conservation biological control and its benefits, the audience is introduced to life in the soil, pollinators and other flower visitors, predators and parasites, other common garden insects, spiders and other non-insect arthropods, and vertebrates.   

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