Jake Hendee

Speaker: Jake Hendee, Arborist, Smithsonian Gardens

Structural pruning to build stronger, more resilient, long-lived trees is a formally recognized best practice in tree care. Despite its many benefits to our trees, it is rarely implemented in our urban forests and oft misunderstood and not widely practiced even among professional arborists.

This Let’s Talk Gardens will delve into the what, why, and how of structural pruning at a beginner’s level. A gardener’s easy few cuts early in a tree’s life can set it up for a lifetime of success. But this webinar is about more than just becoming a better pruner; it is framed around the thesis that a few trailblazers willing to advocate against the pruning status quo are truly committing an act of activism that will benefit our urban forests for decades to come. During this lunch hour, you’ll learn to prune better and speak for the trees.