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Horticulturist and visitor release ladybugs from cloth bag into garden

On-line Learning

SG Greenhouse Nursery Operations

Bringing in Your Tropical Plants for the Winter

Learn how to keep your tropical treasures for more than a summer. 

Habitat Exhibition, Homes in the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden

Choosing Plants with Design In Mind 

Janet Draper, Horticulturist in the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden, highlights her favorite plants for creating a garden with year-round interest.

Homes in the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden

Designing Gardens – Foliage First

Learn about basic design principles and learn how to put foliage first!

Archives of American Gardens, CA080011

Early Garden Photography: Glass Lantern Slides

Learn about hand-tinted glass lantern slides and how they were used a century ago to document gardens.

Pink flower form of Magnolia tree

Garden Photography Tips

Learn how to beautifully capture your backyard oasis or neighborhood park no matter what kind of camera you own.

Garden Inspirations Exhibit in 2016 at the S. Dillon Ripley Center

Gifts from the Garden

Learn how to upcycle things to create beautiful (and shareable) garden tchotchkes.

Holiday decorations at the S. Dillon Ripley Center

Holiday Centerpieces

Learn how to create a harvest themed centerpiece floral arrangement for all your holiday gatherings

Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard

Make an Exuberant Container

Learn how to use color, texture and height to your seasonal container.

Bug B&B in the Pollinator Garden outside of the National Museum of American History

Making Homes for Native Bees – A Chat with Dr. Holly Walker

Who are our native bees and how do they interact and compare with the non-native honeybee.

Bug B&B in the Pollinator Garden outside of the National Museum of American History

Monarch Waystations for Any Size Garden

Find out how to create a Monarch Waystation in your garden!

SG Greenhouse Nursery Operations

Planting Fall Vegetables

Learn more about vegetable planting schedules, cultivar selection, maintenance tips, and suggestions on how to make your vegetable garden productive and beautiful. 

trees and low shrubs in the museum landscape

Pruning with a Purpose: A Gardener’s Guide to Thinking Like an Arborist

Learn how to add another dimension to your tree and shrub pruning skillset.


Selecting and Planting Fall Bulbs

Learn tips and tricks about planting fall bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.


Simple Summer Herbs

Discover how to grow 10 herbs to flavor your summer.

Bird in Pollinator Garden

Small Space: Big Impact

Are you inspired by the big showcase gardens, but don’t think you have space at home to make a showy impact? Learn more about how to create a small garden with big impact.


Top 20 Native Shrubs for Sun and Shade

Learn more about native shrubs to substitute for your non-native plants.

Habitat of Flight outside of the National Air and Space Museum

Top Twenty Perennials for Healthy Habitats

Suggestions on perennials that make excellent additions to gardens AND help support the habitat ecosystem.

Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard

Understanding Plant Stress Signals: Abiotic Factors 

Learn about the basic visual signals that plants show when they are under stress

Volunteer weeding in the Ripley Garden

Winning the War Against Weeds

Learn about organic methods of soil preparation like lasagna layering, how to be strategic with watering, and where to get information on preemergent and post emergent applications.

Cast iron three-tiered fountain and benches covered in snow

Winter Interest in the Garden

Learn how to design and recognize the beauty in a winter garden.